Seri's Verbal Diarrhea
It's mostly cats....
Sledding - Imgur
No one ever listens to me - Imgur
QWOP - Imgur
Baby owls peeking out of their nest. - Imgur
The Jewel Caterpillar - Imgur
Just born baby hedgehog! (xpost pics) - Imgur
My 15 year old nephew has a group of mates that wait on his deck every morning for breakfast. - Imgur
Norwegian Forest Cats - Imgur
Girlfriend’s mice tangle their tails when cuddling - Imgur
Frank is such an ass - Imgur
My life as a student. - Imgur
sssd - Imgur
This should’ve been made before now. You’re welcome. - Imgur
So very, very wrong. - Imgur

Oh god, you can see everything.
This will always make me laugh no matter what kind of day I’m having. - Imgur